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Before switching to an Android phone, I've had several Java phones. Even if the general public is not aware of it, you can do with a java phone almost everything you do with a smartphone... :-) (as you can see from the list of software below)
You can actually use java programs on your android, provided you install the java runtime. See instructions Here.
And before you ask:
the reason I switched from java to Android is mostly convenience.
  • Android is very fashionable at the moment, which means plenty of articles and ressources available.
  • So it is much easier to find the program you want than with Java. The choice is wider, and the programs are usually more user-friendly.
  • Also the java market is very fragmented, so you might have a program that works, but for a smaller screen and it doesn't scale well, etc, etc. Android on the other hand is better standardized.
But Java phones are a very good investment, and usually have a better battery life than Android phones. The current success of the S 40-powered phone is a good indication of it.
So I have kept my java phone and always put in my suitcase with a fully charged battery when I travel... :-)
My requirements for a phone can be found here.

Some places to download java applications

My java applications

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