Who am I ?

As you can see from the list of sites I like, I have a very wide-ranging list of interests:
from Karate to Europe but also music, motorbike, computing, sailing, reading and languages (not necessarily in that order).
Lately, I'm getting interested in radios, and was ordinated ministry in the church of Pastafarism.
There is however, no link to the most essential part of my life:
my family.
I have 2 wonderful children, Helene and Stephane and a fantastic partner.
I have been practising music (keyboard and guitar mostly) for about 45 years, karate (shotokan) for 20 years, and reading ever since I could :-)
You can find me on LinkedIn and on Follow @Spock444 .
My daily news digests are available on Paper.li and on Scoop.it