As of 20110201 (1st February 2011), this page is no longer regularly updated.
The reason is that affordable dual sim android phone are now coming to the market faster than I can follow, and anybody who wants one only has to type "dual sim android" in Google.
However, the references it contains are still very useful.
Please also note that since 2011, almost all Samsung mobile are also available in dual SIM; just change the last reference number to 2 (for example, S4 mini is I9190=>I9192).

Please also note that as of version 5.1 (Lollipop, API level 22), Android supports natively multiple sims.
Enjoy !
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This page is a quick summary of the things you can look for in a dual (or triple) sim phone.
It follows conversations and email exchanges with various people on the subject of the perfect phone.
Other pages of interest: my pages on Android and on Java
My former phones/devices can be found here: Android / other.

My Terms of reference


  • Dual sim dual standby
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • Carte SD
  • Min 2 days on battery
  • Replacement battery available
  • Connects to my Linux machine as USB
    or similar
    No need for extra software or driver
  • Lecture fichier jpg/mp3 et txt
  • Appareil photo
  • Webbrowser
  • Java ou Android (2.3 has everything, but for future
    compatibility, today the minimum is 5.1)
    or large appstore

Also nice:

  • GPS
  • radio tuner (idem)
  • lecture mp4/AAC
  • camera
  • Possibilite de flasher les ROMS
    or upgrade system


Motorola E dual sim (2nd gen)Serious candidate to be my future phone
LG K4Another candidate ? slightly lesser spec but fits the rest.
BQ Aquaris m4.5interesting candidate for future phone :-)
Archos 45c HeliumVery nice and serious contender. Seen for 100€ in Lux.
Archos 40 HeliumQuite nice,bought for 69€ in Lux, my current phone
Samsung Galaxy I9192My previous phone. The only problem is samsung layer above android.
SimValley SP 80My previous phone
Samsung Galaxy S7572
Sony Xperia E4GUnfortunately non-removeable battery

Places to go on the web

GSM ArenaExcellent Phone finder. Start here to see if what you want exists!
ldlc.comExcellent Phone comparator !
Kazam UkUk producer by ex-HTC employees. Shop in Thionville (Telandcom)
Wiko FranceChinese producer trying to pass for french.
Pearl DeutschlandWhere I bought my SP 80
Pearl France
Light in the boxChine=> parfois prob. douane

Local candidates (Luxembourg)

WhatWherePrice (€)Remark
Loads of dual simAuchan and Saturn19-365March 2015

Giorgos sent me this link, with more links to more phone:

More than 2 sims ?

It looks like triple sims are moving from chinese-java only cheap phones into mainstream, much like dual-sim has. Android versions have appeared, and both Samsung and LG are getting into the market, which is promising. Both phone are entry-level, around €150. Samsung seems to follow the same convention than for dual sim phones, ie you change the last digit.

Samsung started with a small phone, the 5280, which is available as
Oct 2015: an Acer L700 (triple sim) was spotted at Saturn for €179;

(Triple Standby !)

(Quadruple Standby !)

Samsung Galaxy Star Trios S5283 Babiken
LG Optimus L1 II Tri E475 Light in the box
Motorola MOTOKEY 3-CHIP EX117Even More Quadruple sims
LG A290 (simple phone)
More Triple sims
Even More Triple sims